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* Vitrinite and Bitumen Reflectance and Maturity Assignments
* Organic Facies, TAI and Visual Source Rock Type
*Fluorescence Organic Petrology for reservoir oil and solid bitumen characterization

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(On Site and Online)
*Organic Petrology
*Petroleum Geochemistry
*Petroleum Systems

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Since its incorporation (1990), Global Geoenergy Research Limited has been engaged in contract research on hydrocarbon resource evaluation for the oil & gas industry. Global Geoenergy Research Limited coordinates petroleum geochemical, mineralogical and other analysis, interpretation, and writes reports on petroleum systems evaluation using source rock and oil or gas fingerprinting, heat flow analysis and one/two/three dimensional numerical modeling. We have provided consulting, training, and analytical services for more than one hundred oil & gas companies, coal companies, universities, and federal/provincial government departments around the globe (e.g.Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, Venezuela, USA).

Dr. Muki

Dr. Muki or Dr. Prasanta Mukhopadhyay, President, Global Geoenergy Research Limited, a world expert on Heat Flow and Maturation and is one of the leading authorities in North America on “Petroleum Systems Risk Assessment” to find out Crude Oil, Condensate, and Natural Gas in Frontier Basins and Shale Gas Exploration” using thirty years of knowledge on Petroleum Geochemistry and Basin Modelling in broader Petroleum Systems Concept

Since 2000, Dr. Muki studied the geochemistry of Carbonaceous Chondrites (meteorites) and developed unique new concept (see Astrogeology)

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada since 1991

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada since 1991, Global Geoenergy Research has produced the most reliable organic petrological, petroleum geochemical, and basin modelling data and report for various oil & gas exploration companies. Some of the analytical data were produced onsite by Global Geoenergy and part of them are carried out in association with the Humble Geochemical Services (currently Weatherford Laboratories) of Texas and IES Inc. (currently a part of Schlumberger Group).

Consulting and Research

* Source Rock, Crude Oil and Gas Geochemistry
* Petroleum Systems Analysis
(1D/2D/3D Petroleum Systems Modelling)
*Environmental Geochemistry
(PAHs and trace metals in fluids and sediments)

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Geochemistry & Petroleum Systems
*Deepwater Scotian Margin
*Scotian Shelf
*Jeanne d’Arc Basin
*Carson Basin
*Onshore Nova Scotia
*Onshore New Brunswick