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Company Profile and Contact Details
(with a Short Biodata of Dr. Muki)

Global Geoenergy Research Limited

Office Address
Global Geoenergy Research Ltd.
1657 Barrington Street, Suite 427
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
B3J 2A1

Postal Address
Global Geoenergy Research Limited
P.O. Box 9469, Station A
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
B3K 5S3

Telephone : (902) 453-0061 (office) or (902) 401-0061 (cell)
Fax: (902) 453-0061


Global Geoenergy Research Ltd. was incorporated in Halifax in 1990. Since 1991, there has been three full time employees and several part-time employees or subcontractors. A few other scientific consultants (geologists and geophysicists) in Nova Scotia have worked on a contract basis on various projects. Global Geoenergy Research Limited is a member of Halifax Chamber of Commerce and was an active member of Canadian Manufacturers Association (CMA).

Since 1990, Global Geoenergy Research Ltd has been engaged in contract research on resource evaluation of conventional (specialized in deepwater exploration) or unconventional (CBM and Shale Gas) hydrocarbons for the oil & gas industries doing organic geochemistry (source rock and oil and gas fingerprinting), heat flow analysis and petroleum system modelling. Over the past eighteen years, we have worked for the following oil & gas companies, coal companies, universities, and federal/provincial departments:


Oil & Gas Companies
(for Conventional Oil and Gas Exploration)

1. Amvest Oil & Gas Company, Charlottesville, Va, USA for conventional oil & gas in various onshore basins of Nova Scotia
2. Anadarko Petroleum Company, Houston, Texas and Anadarko Canada Corporation, Calgary, Alberta for the Gulf of Mexico, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada and Offshore Nova Scotia (for deep and ultra-deep water)
3. Bass Enterprises Production Co., Fort Worth, Texas, for offshore Nova Scotia (deep and ultra-deep water) and Gulf of Mexico (mainly shelf).
4. BP Canada Energy Company, Calgary, Alberta for offshore Nova Scotia (for deep and ultra-deep water)
5. BHP Billiton Americas, Inc., Houston, Texas, USA for Gulf of Mexico and offshore Nova Scotia for deep and ultra-deep water
6. Canadian Superior Energy Inc., Calgary, Alberta for Offshore Nova Scotia
7. Chevron Canada Resources, Calgary, Alberta for various basins in Alberta, Arctic Basins and NWT, Canada
8. Chevron, Calgary, Alberta for deepwater offshore well in Nova Scotia
9. Consolidated Beacon Resources Ltd., Calgary, Alberta for onshore Nova Scotia
10. Corridor Resources Inc. for onshore New Brunswick, Gulf of St. Lawrence and offshore Nova Scotia
10a. Eastrock Resources Limited, Calgary, Alberta for the Cumberland Basin Conventional Oil and Gas Exploration
11. EnCana Corporation, Calgary, Alberta for offshore Nova Scotia and Newfoundland (for shelf, and deep or ultra-deep water)
12. EOG Resources, Calgary, Alberta for Northwest Territories and onshore Nova Scotia, Canada
13. EOG Resources, Houston Texas for Gulf of Mexico Studies (both shelf and slope)
14. EXXON Production Company, Houston, Texas for Gulf of Mexico (for shelf and deepwater) and Alaska (North Slope) studies
15. Esso Resources, Calgary, Alberta for offshore Nova Scotia (for shelf and deepwater)
16. Gulf Canada (currently ConocoPhillips), Calgary, Alberta for offshore Nova Scotia (deepwater)
17. Hunt Oil Company Inc., Calgary, Alberta for various basins in onshore and offshore Nova Scotia and Western Newfoundland
18. Husky Oil & Gas Corporation, Calgary, Alberta for onshore basins from Nova Scotia, Arctic Basins, and NWT basins, Canada
19. Imperial Oil Canada, Calgary, Alberta for deepwater Scotian Basin
20. Kerr-McGee Oil & Gas Corporation, Houston, Texas for offshore Nova Scotia and Gulf of Mexico (deepwater and shelf)
21. Marathon Oil & Gas Nova Scotia Ltd., Halifax, Nova Scotia for offshore Nova Scotia
22. Maraven Oil & Gas Company, Venezuela for Venzuelan Basins
23. Murphy Oil Company Ltd. for offshore Nova Scotia and Newfoundland (deepwater Grand Bank and Scotian Basin)
24. Norsk Hydro Canada Oil & Gas Inc., Calgary, Alberta for offshore Nova Scotia (shelf and deepwater)
25. Devon Canada Corporation, Calgary, Alberta for various basins from onshore Nova Scotia
26. PanCanadian Petroleum Ltd., Calgary, Alberta for onshore and offshore Newfoundland (deepwater Grand Banks)
27. PetroWorth Inc., Calgary, Alberta for onshore Nova Scotia Resource Evaluation
28. Shell Canada Ltd., Calgary, Alberta for offshore Nova Scotia (deepwater)
29. Sable Offshore Energy Inc. Halifax, Nova Scotia for offshore Nova Scotia
30. Teikoku Oil & Gas Company, Tokyo, Japan for Chinese, Indonesian, and Japanese deep-water basins
31. Texaco Corporation (currently Chevron) for deep and ultra-deep water Nigeria
31. Total Fina Resources Inc., Calgary, Alberta for offshore Nova Scotia (shelf and deepwater)
32. Vintage Oil Canada Ltd., Calgary, Alberta for Carboniferous Basins of Nova Scotia

Shale Gas and Coalbed Methane Exploration
(Unconventional Hydrocarbons)

1. Amvest Oil & Gas Company, Charlottesville, Va, USA for unconventional oil & gas (coalbed methane) in various onshore basins of Nova Scotia
2. Aspect Energy LLC, Denver, Colorado for shale gas evaluation in West Texas and Arkansas
3. Elmworth Energy Corporation, Calgary, Alberta for Shale Gas Evaluation in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
4. Talisman Energy Resources, Calgary, Alberta for evaluating Shale Gas Potential in Western Canadian Basins
5. Corridor Resources Inc, Halifax, Nova Scotia for Shale Gas and Tight Gas Evaluation in New Brunswick
6. PetroWorth Resources for Shale Gas Evaluation for their New Brunswick

Service Companies and Universities

1. Baseline-DGSI, The Woodlands, Texas for various basins of the world (Gulf of Mexico, onshore Spain, Nigeria, etc).
2. Humble Geochemical Services Inc., Humble, Texas for worldwide basins
3. Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia for Arctic Canada and other works
4. Global Geochemistry – Zymex Corporation, Canoga Park, California for various basins of the world.
5. Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick for basins in Gabon, Africa
6. University of California (UCLA) at San Diego for deepwater Pacific Ocean Basin

Federal and Provincial Surveys and Organizations

1. Geological Survey of Canada, Atlantic for offshore Nova Scotia
2. Geological Survey of Canada, Calgary for onshore Nova Scotia, Arctic Canada, NWT, onshore Alberta and as subcontractor for Texaco Oil & Gas for their Nigerian offshore study.
3. Nova Scotia Department of Energy for onshore and deepwater Nova Scotia
3. New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources, Fredericton, New Brunswick for various basins of New Brunswick
4. Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources for various onshore basins of Nova Scotia
5. U. S. Geological Survey, Denver, Colorado and Reston, Virginia
6. Canada Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board, Halifax, Nova Scotia, for Deepwater Scotian Basin
7. OETR-Dalhousie University for deepwater Scotian Basin heat flow modelling

For Environmental Research

1. Environment Canada, Ottawa, Canada
2. Nova Scotia Power
3. U.S. Geological Survey
4. Geological Survey of Canada



Humboldt Research Fellow from Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Bonn, West Germany and did two years of post-doctoral research at the Technical University of Aachen RWTH), Aachen, Germany on Petroleum Geochemistry with Prof. D. H. Welte (1976-1975)

Ph. D. in Coal Geology (Facies and Maturation), Jadavpur University, Calcutta, India, 1971


2010-1998: Adjunct Professor, Dalhousie University, Earth Sciences
Department, Halifax, Nova Scotia

2008-2000 (serving for four terms): Member, American Geological Institute
, Member Society Council, Washington, D. C.

2009-2003 (serving five years): Worked as the Associate Editor of the
of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Tulsa,

2009: Short Course Instructor on Maturity and Heat Flow Determination for
Conventional and Unconventional Petroleum Exploration. AAPG
2009 Annual Convention, Denver, CO

2005-1997 (serving for three terms): Member, Research Committee,
American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), Tulsa,

2001-2000: President, The Society for Organic Petrologists (TSOP),
Washington D.C.

1999: Received the Honor as the Ambassador of Nova Scotia jointly
from the World Trade and Convention Center, Halifax, Nova Scotia
and Nova Scotia Department of Economic Development

1998: Received a Citation (Honor of Achievement) from the Premier of Nova Scotia for the scientific achievements and dedications made to the Petroleum and Coal Industries of Nova Scotia, Canada.

1995: Received Best Paper Award for the publication of "Coalbed Methane
Potential of Stellarton Basin, Nova Scotia, Canada, " at the
International Gas Conference (INTERGAS '95), 1995, Tuscaloosa,
Alabama, USA (International Development Category).

1993: Received an award (Honorable Mention) for the publication on
“Geological and physicochemical constraints on methane and C6
hydrocarbons generating capabilities” at the 1993 11th International
Pittsburgh Coal Conference, 1993

1986: Selected as one of the Twenty (20) Organic Petrologists of the world
who promoted Organic Petrology significantly in Petroleum
Exploration (Organic Geochemistry, v. 10, 1986, Pergamon Press,
Oxford, vol. 10).


1990 - President, Global Geoenergy Research Ltd. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3K 5S3.

Coordinate contract research on Petroleum System Risk Assessment (including Petroleum Geochemical analyses and Petroleum System Modeling) for conventional (specialized in deepwater geochemistry and maturation) and unconventional (coalbed methane, shale gas, and gas hydrate) petroleum exploration. Interpret the results and writing of scientific reports for various oil and gas companies of the world. Numerous projects have been completed from many basins in Canada (Eastern: Grant Banks, Newfoundland, Scotian Shelf & Margin, Nova Scotia; Labrador Shelf; Western: NW Territories basins, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, Arctic Canadian basins, and Offshore British Columbia), USA (Gulf of Mexico; North Slope, Alaska; Deepwater Offshore California) and other regions (Brazil, China, Japan, and Venezuela, etc) for various oil companies around the world.

Research collaborations with the U. S. Geological Survey, UCLA, Geological Survey of Canada, Penn State University, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, Nova Scotia Department of Energy, Canada Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board (CNSOPB), Dalhousie University, Mount Allison University, etc.

Delivered Short Courses and Seminars on Deepwater Petroleum System Assessment, Source Rock Geochemistry and Maturation for conventional petroleum exploration, and various aspects of coalbed methane exploration. These lectures were delivered in Brazil (PetroBras Research Center, Rio de Janeiro); Canada (EnCana, Hunt Oil Canada, Husky Oil, Imperial Oil, Petro-Canada, Calgary, Shell Canada, AB); China [in various research centers of Chinese Oil Companies (in Shengli and Daquing) and at the Research Institute of Petroleum, Beijing]; Germany (IES Inc., Aachen); Japan (Japex and Japan National Oil Corporation, Chiba); USA (a. BP-Amoco, Marathon Oil, Anadarko Petroleum (including Kerr-McGee), Vanco, and BaselineDGSI in Houston, Texas, Bass Petroleum in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas, US Geological Survey in Reston, Virginia); and Venezuela (Intevep and Maravan Oil Company, Caracas).

1989-1988 Senior Research Scientist, Geofuel Research Inc./Atlantic Coal
Institute, Sydney, Nova Scotia, B3P 6K3.

Supervising contract research on Basin Modelling and Petroleum Geochemistry of Scotian Basin, North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and other basins

1987-1985 Research Associate, The University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology, Austin, Texas 78713, USA

Research on the quality, petrology, and organic geochemistry of Texas lignite and Wilcox source rocks from the onshore and offshore Texas, geochemistry of gases from the deepwater Tyrrhenian Sea, ODP Leg 107, and organic petrology/geochemistry of source rocks from the Permian Basin, West Texas.

1984-1980 Research Scientist and In-charge, Organic Petrology/Part Petroleum Geochemistry Laboratory, Institute for Petroleum and Organic Geochemistry (ICH-5), Atomic Research Center, Jülich, West Germany

Research on Petrology and Geochemistry of source rocks and oils and one dimensional Basin Modelling from the various basins of the world especially on the Deep Sea Drilling Project wells from the Atlantic Margin (special work on the Jurassic/Cretaceous black shale and maturation of sediments from various Legs of North & South Atlantic); North Sea; Arctic-Canada; Gulf of Suez; Shengli, Daquing Basins, South China Sea, China; etc.

1980-1978 Geochemist, Chemistry Division, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration, Oil & Natural Gas Commission, Dehra Dun, India.

Research on the crude oil and source rock geochemistry in Bombay Offshore Basin, Krishna-Godavari Basin, India.

1976-1975 Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Alexander von Humboldt
Foundation, Technical University of Aachen, West Germany.
on Petroleum Geochemistry of petroleum source rocks and oils


2009: Short Course Instructor on Maturity and Heat Flow Determination for
Conventional and Unconventional Petroleum Exploration. AAPG
2009 Annual Convention, Denver, Colorado, USA

2008: Organize two special sessions at the 2008 AAPG Annual Meeting in
San Antonio, Texas on “Genesis of Unconventional Gases: Shale
Gas, Coalbed Methane, and Gas Hydrate” and “Deepwater
Petroleum Source Rocks: World Analogs”

2007: Invited by Moroccon Association of Petroleum Geologists to organize
a Special Session on East Coast Canada
at Marrakech 2007, Marrakech, Morocco

2007: Invited by the Astrobiology Group of NASA to deliver a special
presentation on petroleum geochemistry of the Carbonaceous

2005: Organized and Co-Chaired a special session on " The East
Coast of Canada: The Next North Sea?"
at the Offshore Technology
Conference (2005 OTC) in Houston, Texas

2006-2005: Completed a Major Contract on Deepwater Prospect
Evaluation on Offshore, Eastern Canada and Promoted Nova Scotia
to various oil companies in Calgary, Dallas F/W and Houston for the Nova Scotia Department of Energy.

2004: Delivered a Special Seminar on Maturation, Heat Flow, and deepwater Exploration in Brazil at the Invitation from the Director, PetroBras Research Center, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2003: Co-Chairperson, NEGSA-AGS Meeting, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Session
on Environmental Geosciences

2002: Organized and Co-chaired, special session on the Petroleum
System of the Atlantic Margin
at the Annual Convention of the
American Association of the Petroleum Geologists in Houston, Texas

2000: Co-Chairperson, AAPG Annual Convention, New Orleans. Session on
Maturity and Petroleum System Modelling

1998: General Chairman and Convener, TSOP - Halifax,'98, 15th Annual
Meeting of the Society for Organic Petrologists (TSOP, USA), Halifax,
Nova Scotia

1995: Invited Speaker, Pacifichem, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

1995. Co-Chairman, TSOP Meeting, Carbondale, Illinois, USA (1995). Session
on Organic Petrology and Geochemistry,

1994-1993: Vice-President, The Society for Organic Petrologists (TSOP),
Washington, D.C.

1993: Co-Convener and Chairman, Special Session, 206th Annual Meeting
Of the American Chemical Society, Chicago, Illinois, USA, Organic
Geochemistry Division

1993: Invited Author, Chapter in Hydrocarbons from Coal (edited by B.E.
Law and D.D.Rice), Published by American Association of Petroleum
Geologists (AAPG), Tulsa, Oklahoma,USA

1992: Invited by the Japan National Oil Company to deliver short courses
on Organic Geochemistry and Petrology in the Application of
Petroleum Exploration

1991: Invited Speaker, US Geological Survey, Reston,VA, USA. Special
Seminar on Coal as a Source of Liquid Hydrocarbons,

1991: Invited Author, Chapter in Development in Sedimentology,
Diagenesis III (edited by Wolf, K.H. and Chilingarian, G.V.). Published
by Elsevier Science, The Netherlands

1991: Co-Convener and Co-Chairman, 201th Annual Meeting of the
American Chemical Society, Boston, MA, USA, Special Session,
Organic Geochemistry Division,

1991: Invited Speaker of the Amoco Production Research Co., Houston,
Texas, USA. Special Seminar on Unconventional Oil and Gas

1990: Invited Speaker, Fuel Science program, Pennsylvania State University,
PA, USA. Seminar on hydrocarbons from coal

1987: Delivered Short Courses at the University of Texas at Austin, Texas, USA
on Fluorescence Microscopy

1986: Invited by the Research Institute of Petroleum, Beijing, China and
Research Institutes from the Shengli and Daquing Oil Companies,
China to deliver short courses in Organic Geochemistry and
Petrology in the Application of Petroleum Exploration

1986-1985: Selected as Organic Geochemist on Board of JOIDES
for ODP Project in the Tyrrhenian Sea for Leg 107 (within
the boundary of Italy, France, and Spain in Mediterranean Sea)

1982: Selected as Organic Geochemist on Board of GLOBAL CHALLANGER
for DSDP Project in the Nankai Trough, Japan for Leg 87A


Dr. Muki is the longstanding active member of American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), Canadian Society for petroleum Geologists (CSPG), and The Society of Organic Petrology (TSOP).


Consulting and Research

* Source Rock, Crude Oil and Gas Geochemistry
* Petroleum Systems Analysis
(1D/2D/3D Petroleum Systems Modelling)
*Environmental Geochemistry
(PAHs and trace metals in fluids and sediments)

Sale of Review Reports

Geochemistry & Petroleum Systems
*Deepwater Scotian Margin
*Scotian Shelf
*Jeanne d’Arc Basin
*Carson Basin
*Onshore Nova Scotia
*Onshore New Brunswick